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Bionics & Prosthetics - Latest in Products and Design
The Next Generation of Design Technology

Product Technology – Bionics & Prosthetics

Next Step’s Expertise in Bionic and Prosthetic Technologies

Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. is a leader in bionic and prosthetic technologies, providing only the latest innovations to clientele. By working with manufacturers, we have direct access to the most progressive advancements on the market. These components are tools for patients to reach their potential, stay active, and achieve their goals.

Prosthetists and assistants are involved in the research and development of bionics and prosthetics. As a result, patients and amputee staff members are often asked to beta-test new components. Next Step is privileged to demonstrate these technologies for medical personnel as well as our staff, patients, and communities.

For information about prosthetic devices for children in particular, please click here.

Prosthetic Socket Interface Designs

Next Step believes that prosthetic components are only as effective as the fit of a socket interface. The socket is the most important part of the prosthesis, since it creates an interface between the residual limb and the prosthetic device. We sometimes make multiple clear check sockets and try different interface methods to guarantee that a proper fit is achieved during the prosthetic process.

Our prosthetists incorporate various socket designs to accommodate the shape and size of an individual’s limb. These include, but are not limited to, suction sockets, elevated vacuum systems, pin and lanyard suspensions, flexible sockets, custom liners, and lock-and-pin systems. A Next Step prosthetist determines which method is best for each client at the evaluation appointment.

Next Step is also a certified Hi-Fidelity Interface (HiFi) provider. The HiFi Interface, developed by biodesigns in California, is a revolutionary upper- and lower-extremity socket design that gives amputees an intimate socket fit for increased prosthetic functionality. This interface features a patent-pending plastic interface for soft tissue release. It provides alternating areas of compression and relief to bring the user increased comfort and stability.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about prosthetic socket design.

High-Definition Silicone Covers

In addition to other cover and skin options available in the on-site fabrication labs, Next Step offers high-definition silicone covers. These lifelike covers, or cosmeses, are created through our registered worldwide partnership with Dorset Orthopaedic in England. To prepare for the covering, a finished prosthesis is custom-molded in an intricate shaping process with our technicians, then color-matched to the amputee’s exact skin tone. Once the patient is satisfied with the results, the cosmesis is crafted in England to feel and look realistic, down to individual freckles.

Bionic Technology in Prosthetics

Many believe that bionic technology is the wave of the future, but at Next Step, we are confident that the future is already here. Though other descriptions exist within the prosthetic industry, Next Step defines bionics as powered motion with a motor and real-time adjustment capability.

These components astound many with their lifelike functionality and ability to give feedback to the patient. We are proud to offer such dynamic components to the amputees we serve. Additionally, we have access to sophisticated prosthetic devices that manufacturers and other prosthetic providers consider bionic.

While there are many bionic and non-bionic prosthetic components to suit a variety of needs, not everyone is a candidate for the most advanced devices and not every insurance plan provides coverage. We encourage patients to contact us for more information and talk with their prosthetists about what is right for them.

Bionic Components for a Prosthesis
•The BiOM Ankle System from iWalk is designed to increase mobility with revolutionary propulsion technology, while reducing energy demands and stress on the body.
•The Power Knee from Ossur is a motor-powered prosthetic knee that benefits the user with symmetry, strength, and endurance.
•The Proprio Foot from Ossur gives heightened stability and mobility to amputees through lifelike powered-ankle motion.
•The Symbionic Leg from Ossur combines the Proprio powered ankle and the Rheo microprocessor knee to create a bionic leg system.
•The iLimb from Touch Bionics appears and functions like a biological hand, featuring natural joints as well as automated grip patterns and gestures.
•The Bebionic from Steeper is an advanced myoelectric prosthetic hand that encourages a lifestyle of independence for the user.
•The Boston Digital Arm System from Liberating Technologies supplies the necessary torque for a variety of tasks, with on-board software for control.

Non-Bionic Prosthetic Technology
•The C-Leg from Otto Bock, the original completely microprocessor-controlled knee, has become a standard device in prosthetic care.
•The Genium from Otto Bock is a newer development in microprocessor technology, and this knee unit is meant for high-activity amputees.
•The Helix 3D Hip from Otto Bock incorporates revolutionary technology for a natural walking pattern by mirroring pelvic rotation.
•The Rheo Knee from Ossur is a sophisticated prosthetic knee that allows for natural movement and functionality during any activity.
•The Orion Knee from Endolite is a microprocessor knee with on-board programming and responsive technology to achieve a relaxed gait.

Conventional Prosthetic Components

There are a variety of conventional upper-extremity and lower-extremity products available to Next Step patients and prosthetists. We offer these prosthetic components for shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees, ankles, feet, liners, sleeves, socks, sheaths, and other supplies. Regardless of the technology employed, each item works in conjunction with a custom-made socket to achieve optimal prosthetic fit and function for the amputee.

Blackberry - Once Upon a Time
Ruled The World of Cell Phones

Email Breakdown on Blackbery
The Second Time in Two Weeks

The second outage in two weeks for e-mail service on Blackberry users in causing a lots of problem for the brand cell phone. Complaints from users are pouring in and the customer service can not handle it. The concern is cause for a switch to an alternative device, such as Apple's iPhone, but it was not clear if this is enough to spawn the wave of discontented customers.

Spokesperson for the brand said, "Some Blackberry customers in the Americas are currently experiencing delays in message delivery, Our technical teams are actively working to resolve this issue for those impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience,". The problem appeared early Wednesday, and later in the day it was down altogether. The disruption comes about a week after it was hit with a massive outage that curtailed Blackberry service throughout much of North America. That outage hit Blackberry services offered by numerous carriers, including Sprint Nextel, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Canada's Rogers. The trouble appeared to be limited to consumer-oriented Internet service, and did not affect corporate users who send messages through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Mercedes Versus Audi
Who Won the Race

Mercedes Vs Audi, Who won
E-Class Up Against A6 Quattro

The true blue E-Class fanatic and he will tell you that this is Mercedes-Benz's way of saying, "We are back!" Quality improvements have been made, reliability is on the up, the E-Class is better loaded and specced than its competition and a distraction called Chrysler has been offloaded. It all sounds nice, except that Audi have been quietly chipping away at the heels of Merc all this while. And the A6 has been recently facelifted, while being offered with the gung-ho, 290 bhp 3.0-litre supercharged V6.

To counter it, Mercedes-Benz have called on the best V6 in their arsenal - the 268 bhp 3.5-litre V6 from the S350 to take on the might of Ingolstadt. It's time to roll up the cuffs! For those familiar with the S-Class, this is the exact same engine block you will find on the larger sibling and is not the CGI, direct injection as one would have hoped it would be. Nevertheless, this is quite a jump from the erstwhile E280. Because the car sits lower and benefits from a very slippery shape, it cuts through the wind rather quickly. Even the 7G-tronic gearbox plays its role, as it doesn't linger into unnecessary revs, delivering power at the right rpm pretty much all the way through. In the city, the E-Class turns the tables. Because its gearing is unruffled by the constant shifting of ratios, unlike the Audi's multitronic, it delivers its torque seamlessly. The Audi, on the other hand, feels jerky at low speeds and the constant kicking in of the supercharger catches the gearbox and the driver off guard. The Audi's advantage lies in its quattro four-wheel drive system. Unlike the RWD unit of the Merc, you can dial more speed into the corner and exit at exactly the same speed, making slow-in, fast-out a thing of the past. So, on paper, the E-Class is incrementally better. But in real life, it is revolutionary and a revelation! The A6, despite its fantastic engine and quattro setup, scores only a win for Ingolstadt in feeling, yet E-class still takes the lead on paper.
Let us know what you think after so many years on the road. Give us your opinion on TTimesworld. Send you emails to and publish you comments live.

How Do You Know .......
Significant Other Really Loves

Grand gestures are great, but sometimes elaborate expressions of affection can seem a little over the top. With my boyfriend, it's the little things that really mean the most - the stuff that shows me that I'm on his mind or the things he does that I know he wouldn't do for anyone else (like wipe up my cat's vomit). That's love!
There's nothing like coming home from a long day of work to a glass of wine and a pair of comfy pants laid out for you, and you know you've snagged a keeper when they do sweet things without even thinking twice about it. If your significant other does any of these gestures below, then hang on to them!
You know your significant other really loves you when . . . these signs are present:
1. Honesty - Billy Joel test
2. Show Intimacy and spiced up relationship is evidenced.
3. Going out on dates.
4. Doing Things for you and wanting things done for each other.
5. Compliments and appreciation are not hard to find.
6. Time with each other.
7. Showing and receiving affection.

Court remands monarch in prison

Osogbo – (NAN) Oba Adebukola Alli, Alowa of Ilowa in Osun, standing trial for alleged rape of a 23-year-old NYSC member, was on Friday remanded in prison custody.

When the case came up at an Osogbo Chief Magistrates’ Court, the lead defence counsel, Mr Victor Opara, sought for the vacation of an earlier order of June 24, which placed his client on house arrest.

Opara argued that the court’s order that a government doctor should attend to the monarch at his palace had not been complied with as no doctor came to treat him.

He expressed fear that the life of the traditional ruler might be in danger in view of his poor health condition.

The lawyer also told the court that the private doctors of the traditional ruler were aware of the order and so did not come to treat him.

The counsel urged the court to grant his application and vacate the order to enable the traditional ruler to access medical services in a hospital of his choice.

Mr Olufemi Adedokun, the state counsel did not oppose the application, but he told the magistrate to use his discretion on the matter.

Chief Magistrate Adewunmi Makanjuola, in his ruling, observed that the traditional ruler did not appear physically sick, saying that it was all a ploy to evade justice.

According to him, the claim in the application that the life of the traditional ruler is in danger is suspicious and can be misleading.

Although, the magistrate ordered prison officials to give Alli adequate medical attention, he said “the accused person is hereby ordered to be remanded in the prison custody.”

He also ordered the prison’s medical team to furnish the court with details of the medical report on the accused at the next hearing adjourned to Friday July 8.(NAN)

Jonathan Ends 36 States Campaign Tour

ABUJA – President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday concluded his campaign tour of the 36 states of the Federation which was flagged off in Lafia, Nassarawa State on Monday, February 7, 2011.

A statement by Mr. Ima Niboro, Special Adviser to the President, Media & Publicity, said the President who ended the campaign in Dutse, Jigawa State thanked Nigerians for their massive turn-out.

With the conclusion of the state-by-state campaign by President Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo, the stage is now set for the grand finale of the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential campaign scheduled to hold at the Eagle Square in Abuja on Saturday, March 26, 2011.

“Keeping to a grueling and arduous schedule which sometimes had him campaigning in as many as three states in one day, President Jonathan has successfully taken his message of unity, togetherness, strength in diversity, peace and stability for rapid national progress to all the geo-political zones of the country”.

According to the statement, “the President thanks all Nigerians who have turned out in their thousands to listen to him and his team at their various campaign stops across the country”.

President Jonathan urged Nigerians to affirm that they have indeed received and taken his message of unity, peace and progress to heart by coming out to vote en-masse for the Peoples Democratic Party when the general elections begin next month.

He also extends his heartfelt appreciation to all officials and members of the PDP who have worked extremely hard to make his campaign tour a success and prays that God Almighty will crown their collective efforts with success at the polls.

Health Is Wealth’ – 9ice

Since the release of his debut work ‘Certificate‘, 9ice has truly evolved over time. Even though he is still centered around a very traditional content and singing style, it is this concept and style of his music that has seen him thrive and eventually succeed in his musical journey to recognition and stardom.

So when an artiste with so much local content to pour out teams up with a Fuji great like KWAM 1, you expect nothing but greatness that the young and old can both relate to.

‘Health is wealth‘ is an easy going, melodious number to sway to. With accordions sounds and timed percussions, K Ultimate and 9ice blend well as they keep the lyrics simple but pass their message along. Good care for the body is essential…

Soyinka Calls For Emergency in Education
The Nation

Nobel laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka, yesterday called for emergency in the education sector. He said there was urgent need for the government to redress the problem facing the sector.

Soyinka spoke at the opening of Education Summit organised by the Osun State Government. It was held at the State University main campus in Osogbo, where he advised President Goodluck Jonathan to call a round table conference to dialogue on the way forward in the sector.

Soyinka, the chairman of the summit, noted the prime importance of education for the growth of the country, maintaining that government has failed the sector.

He lamented that there were no sufficient learning materials for students, saying the poor performance of students was traceable to many of them learning under very harsh conditions.

Soyinka, expressing appreciation to Osun State for organising the summit, appealed to the three tiers of government to create an enabling environment suitable for learning.

He said: “Students nowadays learn under very harsh conditions which in itself could lead to crisis. There are no sufficient teaching materials in our schools again, there is poor welfare for the students and the library and laboratories are now empty.

“It is high time the government and other stakeholders in the education sector to gave greater attention to education as a means of facilitating rapid socio-cultural and economic development of the country.

“I salute the courage of Governor Rauf Aregbesola for taking interest in the future of the young generation. I believe the summit is one channel through which the education sector can be developed.”

The Chairman, Governing Council of Osun State University, Prof. Peter Okebukola said the nation must start to expand its scope in education, noting that it needs quantity and quality teaching facilities to improve the sector.

Governor Rauf Aregbesola described as “prohibitive” the tuition fees of tertiary institutions in the state.

He pledged to review the fees to bring education nearer to the people.

Hundreds of students of the state’s six tertiary institutions protested high fees.

The students carried placards to the summit.

They described as undemocratic the immediate past administration of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, which increased the fees.

Writer Okey Ndibe Briefly Detained in Nigeria
TTimes Lagos

The Nigerian State Security Agency SSS temporarily detained Okey Ndibe, a columnist and US professor for questioning. Mr. Ndibe arrived on Turkish airlines at 9:31 PM (Nigerian Time). An Immigration officer handed his passport to an State Security Service (SSS) who instructed him to get his luggage and come with them. One SSS officer named "Mr. George" told Mr. Ndibe his supervisor needed to see him on the first floor at room 1062.
After being held for several hours he was released after he was made to give his Nigerian address, but just before he was released, his Nigerian passport was seized by the agency. They requested that he appears before the Kingsway Road office of the agency on Monday to interview with their director for further action.

Okey Ndibe is a US professor and a columnist for the SUN newspaper, a Guest writer for TTimes World, TTimes Nigeria as well as several websites. He is also a professor of English Literature at Trinity College in Connecticut and Brown University in Rhode Island.

Central Bank Disburses N8.3 Billion Agric Fund
Transatlantic Times News

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) disbursed N8.281 billion during the fourth quarter of 2010 under the Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACS).

According to data on the Bank’s website, a total of N96.811 billion has so far been disbursed to 86 projects/promoters and 18 state governments in the second tranche since the scheme began in 2009. This brings the number of beneficiaries to 104, out of 347 projects that applied to benefit from the scheme.

The CBN in 2009 set aside N200 billion for onward lending to farmers under the scheme towards boosting agricultural production in the country. The balance of CACS funds as at December, 2010 stood at N103.189 billion.

In a memorandum to the National Economic Council, the Central Bank said that under the second tranche, 18 state governments: Adamawa, Anambra, Bauchi, Enugu, Gombe, Kebbi, Kogi, Imo, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Ondo, Sokoto, Taraba Zamfara, FCT, Akwa Ibom and Rivers accessed N1billion each for on-lending to farmers’ co-operatives and other areas of agricultural interventions in their various states.


The initiative is expected to enhance food security, reduce cost of credit in agricultural production, and increase output and employment in the sector. Target commodities under the scheme include the cultivation of target crops (rice, cassava, cotton, oil palm, wheat, rubber, sugar cane, fruits, and vegetable); livestock (dairy, poultry, piggery); and fisheries.

As at December, 2010, 11 banks: Access, Fidelity, First, Guaranty Trust, Oceanic, Skye, Stanbic IBTC, Union Bank, UBA, Unity and Zenith are participating under the scheme. UBA has the highest disbursement of N35.162 billion followed by Zenith with N13.835 billion, Union, N10.903 billion, First Bank, N9.135 billion and Skye Bank with N6 billion. Also, N13.934 billion, comprising N11.353 billion from UBA, N2.00 billion from Skye Bank and N0.581 billion from GTB has been withdrawn in respect of undisbursed funds.


Under the eligibility guidelines released by the Central Bank, borrowers under the scheme shall be a limited liability company, with asset base of not less than N350 million, and with prospect to grow the net asset to N500 million in the next three years and comply with the provision of the Company and Allied Matters Act (1990). This, however, is not applicable to loans taken by state government for on-lending.

Such companies must also have a clear business plan, provide up-to-date record on the business operation, if any, and satisfy the entire requirement specified by its lending bank. According to the CBN, “interest on loan shall not exceed nine per cent, inclusive of all charges.

To ensure safety of the funds, the banks bear the credit risk of the loans, while state government have to sign an irrevocable standing payment order (ISPO) in favour of the CBN to deduct at source the total amount in default from the states on monthly basis of State revenue allocation.

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