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Top 5 Online Stores
To Get Good Deals on Eyeglasses

1. Warby Parker

Warby Parker is probably one of the web’s most well known frame retailers. The company made waves when it launched, embodied the idea of what a good, problem-solving startup should be, and earned the loyalty of its customers by giving them the option to try multiple frames before they put their money down on the ones they’d want to keep. The service offers a wide selection of high-quality frames and styles, free shipping, and for every pair of glasses you buy, they donate a pair to someone who needs them but can’t afford them. Warby Parker’s story is compelling, and while their glasses may not be the cheapest on the block, they are some of the best.
Those of you who nominated Warby Parker highlighted their try-at-home program, where they’ll send up you to five different sets of frames, for free, for you to try out. You can wear them around for five days—get your friends’ opinions, and choose the ones you like the best. When you pick the ones you like, order them online with your prescription, and they’ll be sent right out to you.

2. Eye Buy Direct

If you’re walking the line between style savvy and budget buying, Eye Buy Direct is the retailer for you. They regularly offer steep discounts, buy-one-get-one-free sales, and other special savings on their massive selection of eyewear and frames. The company has interesting and unique frame options for men and women, prescription and nonprescription sunglasses, sport sunglasses, and even computer glasses designed to reduce glare. They also sell bifocal, progressive, and even Transitions lenses, so they can accommodate you regardless of your prescription or needs. These folks live on the notion that you don’t have to pay a ton of money for a pair (or several pairs) of great glasses.

3. Zenni Optical
Zenni Optical’s claim to fame are super-cheap frames and glasses. They have a solid frame selection of men’s and women’s glasses, and great styles too, but almost everyone who has anything to say about Zenni points to the fact that they offer great glasses super-cheap. So cheap, in fact, that you don’t have to worry too much if they’re lost, damaged, or destroyed. At the same time, that great price point comes with a caveat—you’re not exactly going to get heavy, sturdy frames here; you’re getting frames that can probably take a beating and keep going, but you’re getting drug-store-style plastic in those frames (of course, that’s not all they have, but those are their most affordable designs.) Even so, if budget is the most important thing for you, or you’re notoriously hard on glasses, you could do much worse than Zenni. Their online tools let you snap a photo of your face and see how their glasses will look on you before you buy, which is a nice bonus. Plus, they have a great selection of sunglasses.

4. Coastal/ClearlyContacts
Coastal, and their Canadian counterpart, ClearlyContacts, both turned up separately in the nominations round, but because they’re the same company, we opted to combine them. Coastal offers a massive selection of in-stock designer frames, and regularly runs promotions where your first pair of glasses or contacts from the company are completely free, or at least significantly discounted. Their prices are affordable—they’re not the cheapest in the roundup, but they’re also not the most expensive, and their prices are somewhat similar to what you’ll find at many brick and mortar glasses stores, without the hassle that comes with shopping at one. Coastal will also take care of your contacts needs if you prefer those, sell you sunglasses, and more, all with free shipping.

5. Goggles 4 U
Googles 4 U offers a wide variety of frames at pretty low prices, which is always good to see. They offer hundreds of styles and designer names to choose from, so how much you wind up spending will likely depend on the types of frames you select. If you go designer, expect to pay designer prices, but if you don’t need a name, you can get away with spending very little for a great pair of glasses here. The company offers prescription and designer styles for men and women and sunglasses, and you can spend hours just browsing the available frames. The site itself is a bit no-nonsense, which is just fine if you just want to buy some frames and be done with the process.

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Lasik Eye Surgery
What You Need To Know - Vance Thompson MD

Lasik Eye Surgery A Complete Guide
By: Vance Thompson, MD

LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery:
A Complete Consumer Guide

Refractive surgery is the term used to describe surgical procedures that correct common vision problems (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia) to reduce your dependence on prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

Currently, a laser procedure called LASIK (LAY-sik) is the most popular refractive surgery performed in the United States. But there are other types of refractive surgery — including other laser procedures and intraocular lens procedures — that might be an even better choice for you, depending on your needs.

The articles below will help you learn more about your surgical options so you can better discuss them with your eye doctor if you are interested in elective vision correction surgery.

Subjects of More Complete Guide:
LASIK Criteria for Success: How to know if LASIK is right for you.
How to Choose a LASIK Surgeon: Credentials to look for, questions to ask.
Which Laser Is Best? Read a review of all current LASIK lasers.
LASIK Eye Surgery Cost: See the latest prices for LASIK in the U.S.
How to Compare Laser Eye Surgery Prices: with 8 questions to ask your surgeon.
LASIK Financing: Learn how you can afford LASIK surgery.
LASIK Eye Surgery Results: Are you likely to see 20/20 after LASIK?
LASIK Surgery Risks and Complications — and how to avoid them.
Dry Eyes and LASIK: You may still be a candidate.
LASIK Enhancement: Do you need an additional surgery? Will you in the future?
Contact Lenses After LASIK: Why some people need them.

Contact Editor at TTimesworld for more Guide to selecting the best facility and more answers:

How To See Things Differently
From Your Eye Doctors
Ophthalmologists Washington DC
Best Eye Doctors, Ophthalmology Specialists

Opthalmology – See Things Differently
Eye disorders and diseases are common problems afflicting both children and adults. Recent research studies have indicated that ophthalmology problems in adults can be attributed to cataracts, refractive errors, glaucoma and surgical complications. The ophthalmologists in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland are experienced and trained to deal with the whole range of eye diseases and disorders. They are ably supported by advanced equipment and technologies.
Healthcare 800 – The Platform To Look For Renowned Ophthalmologists
Healthcare800 brings to you the best eye doctors in Northern Virginia (VA) to provide expert treatment and care for all kinds of eye related problems including a simple routine eye examination to more severe conditions of the eye and its surrounding structures. All the ophthalmology specialists in Greenbelt MD, VA, and Washington DC are fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for treating eye disorders.
The best ophthalmologists in Fairfax Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC provide eye care services including:
• Medical Eye Care which includes conditions like Glaucoma, Chemical burns and Iritis.
• Treatment and diagnosis of eye conditions that are related to other disorders like arthritis or diabetes.
• Vision services like eye examinations, and durgical eye care which includes disorders like crossed eyes, cataracts, trauma among other problems.
• ACUTE RED EYE – The most likely cause of the red eye is acute conjunctivitis, however, the underlying cause may be difficult to determine.
• CATARACT – Cataracts are a normal part of aging and include the gradual clouding of the clear lens in the eye, which results in a blurred vision and a sensitivity to light.
• GLAUCOMA – Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness. The main causes of Glaucoma are genetics, age and even ethnicity (in some cases).
• GRAVE DISEASE – It refers to an apical enlargement of the eye muscles which stimulates other fibroblasts. In Grave Disease, fluid is drawn into the muscle and stored, which eventually leads to the development of scar tissue.
• OPTIC NEUROPATHY – It is an acute inflammatory process of the optic nerve which usually occurs in young adults. It carries a high risk of subsequent development of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
• CATARACT SURGERY – It is a surgical procedure to remove the lens of the eye and replace it with an artificial lens. It is generally done to treat the clouding of the clear lens of the eye.
• CORNEA TRANSPLANT – Also known as keratoplasty, it is a surgical procedure to replace part of the cornea with corneal tissue from a donor.
• EYE EXAM – It involves a series of tests that are designed to evaluate a person’s vision and check for other eye diseases. A variety of instruments may be used and it may also involve spotting bright lights directly at your eyes and you look through an array of lenses. Each test evaluates a different aspect of your vision or eye health.
• LASIK EYE SURGERY – LASIK, the acronym for Laser-Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis, is a surgical procedure that eliminates the need for lenses or eyeglasses by improving vision. It is the most common type of refractive surgery and involves changing the shape of Cornea.
HealthCare800 Support
The professional eye doctors listed at our platform provide a wide range of consultation services for the evaluation of patients with acute or chronic eye problems and ophthalmology diseases. At HealthCare800, you can search for ophthalmologists near your area and schedule an appointment, anytime. All the eye specialists listed at our website are supported by state-of-the-art facilities and deliver high-quality care, ensuring successful outcomes.

Ooni of Ife, Other Monarchs Grace Osun ex-Council Chair’s 50th Birthday

As early as 2:00pm, the guests were on their seats. There were traditional rulers from some parts of Yorubaland, governors and their representatives, captains of industry and music legend, Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye (aka Sunny Ade), who thrilled the audience for close to seven hours.

The event was the 50th birthday of Oluomo of Source and the former Chairman of Ife East Local Government, Chief Gbenga Owolabi.

To add glamour to the event, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okuanade Sijuade, came with his long entourage with his two pretty wives, Olori Morisade and Olori Odun. The Oloris were dressed in beautiful gold and green aso oke, befitting their royal status.

The venue of the ceremony, City Hall, Ife, Osun State, played host to a heavy traffic of people as both the commoners and the high and the mighty had the rare opportunity to hob-nob.

At the entrance of the the venue were dentists who were assigned to take care of the teeth of whoever desired, free of charge. Incidentally, the birthday lecture was titled: "The mouth as the mirror of the body". Though the lecture started behind schedule, the lateness did not take the shine away from the colour of the event.

The celebrant, Oluomo and his wife, Barrister Omolola, were the cynosure of all eyes. They both wore white, transparent lace attire, while most of the guests appeared in their green and gold aso oke, either as headgear or cap.

As a testimony to the grandeur of the event, the Managing Director of Tasty Fried Chicken, Mrs Olayinka Adedayo, in beautiful gold apparel, shelved the toga of a guest, she personally ensured that guests were properly taken care of.Ooni of Ife , Oba Okunade Sijuwade; former Managing Director of FSTV, Otunba Reuben Famuyibo; Chairman of Osogbo Local Government, Alhaji Teslim Igbalaye; founder of Oduduwa University,Chief Raymond.A. Adedoyin; Salo of Eduabon, Oba Elijah Omoloye; Olowa of Owa-Ife, Oba Tajudeen Adewale Adetunji; Eze Ndigbo of Ife, Chief Ezekiel Onyejekwe; and the representative of Ogun State governor and others were all present at the ceremony.

Revolution? Da. Sexual? Nyet.
In Moscow, a sex shop convention, called the X’Show.

PAST the topless woman dancing in a cage and the towering transvestite perched on three-inch heels, Ksenia Borisova was trying to grab the attention of passers-by. Her wares were housed in immaculate displays, complete with colorful instruction manuals, but after five years in business she was still having difficulty generating much interest.

As always, sex toys are a tough sell in Russia.

“We have to try to enlighten the customers,” said Ms. Borisova, an owner of Erotic Fantasy, a supplier of German-made intimate equipment in Russia. “No one knows what, why and how: what lubricant is, why a dildo is needed, how to use vaginal balls.”

Other vendors at a recent convention for sex shop owners in Moscow were similarly vexed.

Two decades after government-imposed prudishness ended with the Soviet collapse, Russians still shy away from embracing European-style sexual mores. Despite a burst of licentiousness in the early 1990s, when pornography and prostitution surged through the country, the sexual revolution has never really taken hold here.

Sure, sexual innuendo is commonplace: on television and in glossy magazines and in the provocative attire of women on the streets. Advertisements with busty models have long replaced posters of square-jawed women scything wheat. But, when it comes to the bedroom, Ms. Borisova and others said, tastes here tend toward vanilla.

“There is just no sexual culture, none,” said Nadezhda Dovgal, one of the organizers of the sex shop convention, called the X’Show. “People are still ashamed.”

This is partly the legacy of the Soviet era, she said. The Soviet government tried to drive all talk of sex under the covers, leaving public life effectively neutered. A lack of private space, especially in the communal apartments of major cities, limited access to sexual encounters even more. “There is no sex in the U.S.S.R.” was a satirical slogan of the perestroika era.

“We have always had sex, but information on this topic was practically nonexistent,” said Yelena Khanga, who hosted Russia’s first talk show about sex in the 1990s, coyly named “About That.” In general,” she said, “it was not acceptable to speak about sex.”

She said that when she started her show, which for the first time openly confronted topics like H.I.V./AIDS, homosexuality and workplace sexual harassment, “it was like a bomb went off.”

Though such topics are less provocative these days, the annual X-Show, which is in its ninth year, might still be a bit edgy, even if largely subdued by the standards of such events in the West. Beyond the caged strippers — and the coterie of men drooling over them — were models decked out in the latest latex fashions demonstrating proper whipping techniques.

Ms. Dovgal, the X’Show organizer, framed the convention as a social welfare project for a country where sex education is practically nonexistent.

“We know that we are needed to help people preserve their families,” she said. “It is not important for us whether your partner is a man or a woman,” she said. “What is important is that there is harmony in the relationship.”

While Ms. Dovgal’s recipe for marital bliss might not be for everyone, it is clear that Russian families are in crisis.

There were three divorces for every five marriages in 2008, according to the Russian statistics agency.

Russia is also suffering from a demographic crisis. The population declined by 6.6 million people between 1993 and 2008, according to a 2008 United Nations report. Emigration and a high mortality rate among middle-aged men are part of the cause. But so is a low birthrate.

To get couples copulating, some Russian officials have come up with several ideas that Ms. Dovgal and her sex shop colleagues would certainly endorse. For several years the government of the Ulyanovsk region has set aside a special birthing day, when couples are given a day off to help reverse the population decline. Prizes are given to mothers whose children are born on June 12, Russia’s national day.

Yet, for all Ms. Dovgal’s concern for families (“Unfortunately, we are not allowed to admit people younger than 18 years old,” she said), demographics did not seem to be the main concern for many visitors at the X’Show.

“I’m into fetish mostly — pretty clothes, corsets, leggings, collars, whips, things like that,” said Olga Podolskaya, 41, a psychologist. Though the exhibition lacked the extravagance of similar events she had attended in Berlin, she said things were improving.

Earlier, she said “the products in sex shop were limited to plastic penises.

“Now, along with an increase in selection, there are — how do I put it — various extra services: seminars, photo sessions, there are stories and various books.”

Indeed, the outlook for Russia’s sex toy industry does not necessarily appear to be as grim as some vendors described. In the last 10 years the number of sex shops in Moscow has grown from around 5 to over 150, Ms. Dovgal said, and there are many more Internet-based companies.

Sergei Agarkov, a prominent Russian sexologist, framed the change as sexual evolution rather than revolution. He said he believed that Russians were slowly growing more comfortable with sex as a new post-Soviet generation has come of age.

“These are the carriers of a new culture,” Mr. Agarkov said. “They are completely different people. They are relatively free. They do not have the prejudices that their parents had. And together with them, attitudes towards sex are changing.”

That seemed to be the attitude of Dmitri Karablin, a 20-year-old student, who along with his girlfriend was perusing the kiosks at the X’Show in search of vibrators and a sexy maid outfit.

“People are less ashamed,” he said. “I have a young mother and can talk to her about these things. She even once recommended a store that I should go to.”

High Heel Shoes You Can Wear To Events and Still Walk Home
From Stillettos To Flat Corsets

With designs including embellished flat sandals, driving moccasins and the 41/2-inch platform heels she introduced for spring-summer 2010, Dana Davis just might be the brand to make a comfort shoe go mainstream in the fashion world. "These aren't two-hour shoes, they are eight- to 10-hour shoes," says Davis, 41, who resides in Brentwood with her Jack Russell terrier, Spike. "You can wear them to an event and still walk home."

Although companies such as Cole Haan and Kenneth Cole have comfort lines, Davis' is the first to feature built-in orthotics (developed with patent-pending technology) in a high-fashion shoe, particularly heels. Her styles, priced at about $275 to $450, are designed so that you can also easily put in your own orthotic if needed. "Previously, there was no dress shoe you could put an orthotic into, so this is a big step," says podiatric surgeon Dr. Robert K. Lee, who says his patients like to wear high-fashion shoes but can develop foot problems as a result. "Current styles tend to be far too narrow, which can lead to bunions, hammer toes or other foot conditions. As the heel gets higher, that's more load on the balls of your feet, which can lead to stress fractures or tendinitis."

He notes that the distribution of weight is key to preventing injury. Davis' shoes create a tripod between the first and fifth metatarsals — the long bones of the foot — and the heel to displace weight. Her heels feature platforms and cushions, whereas most lines have a single sole. There is not a single skinny stiletto heel in the group.

It's no surprise that Dana Davis shoes have ended up on the red carpet. Penelope Cruz, Sarah McLachlan, Carrie Ann Inaba and Anne Hathaway (who wore a pair when she danced across the stage with Hugh Jackman at 2009's Oscars) are all fans of the shoes. Vivica A. Fox wore them to this year's Academy Awards.

"I love the Primrose; it's a very evocative shoe style," says celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart, of the soft knotted peep-toe in satin and patent leather. "They remind me of dancers backstage in ‘30s-era cabaret shoes and make me want to wear back-seamed stockings at all times."

Many of Davis' customers don't realize that her shoes may have health benefits for the foot; they are simply attracted to the design. "There's such a negative connotation when you say the word ‘comfort,'" Davis notes. "I like to say that we are a fashion company that happens to be comfortable."

Davis' inspiration came from her own experience as both a socialite (she's the youngest daughter of the late mogul Marvin Davis and philanthropist Nancy Davis) and working woman. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 7, she became an elementary school teacher after getting a master's degree in education from USC. Long hours on her feet combined with diabetes-related foot problems led to eight corrective foot surgeries; she eventually had to stop teaching.

"For 20 years, I destroyed my feet because I wanted to wear pretty shoes," Davis says. "I was supposed to wear these really unattractive shoes while still wearing a Chanel suit, and that just didn't work." Davis began to search for comfortable shoes that looked luxurious and chic but failed to find any she liked. Two years ago, she attended her first footwear trade show to start researching and networking. It took another year to find the right factories in Italy and to team up with podiatrists, pedorthists and foot and ankle surgeons to help engineer each style.

"Once we get the shoes on a woman's feet, that's all it takes," says Davis, who regularly travels around the country for trunk shows and industry events. "When the woman realizes she's comfortable and stable, she feels stronger and more stately." In other words, the wobble is gone. Davis says that shoe salespeople are some of the biggest fans because they see what regular high-fashion shoes have done to women's feet over the years.

"I was so terrified because you think, in fashion, people might be snobby or mean, but I have been fortunate to come across people who have really embraced me and been so supportive," Davis says. "I still get nervous, but I find that I have a classic sense of style with a little edge, and people are responding to it, so my confidence is growing. I can't imagine not doing this now; it's too fun."

Some may wonder if this is just another fleeting business from a famous name. "You would never start a shoe line for fun," she says with a laugh. "If I knew then what I know now, I probably wouldn't have done it, but now I can't imagine doing anything else."

The shoes range in price from about $260 to $450.

Heidi Klum Fashion Plates Features Demi Moore, Amber Valleta and Lily Cole
Fashion Dinner Extravaganza in West Hollywood

Heidi Klum and fellow fashion plates Demi Moore, Amber Valleta and Lily Cole came out to West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont to fete designer Roland Mouret's new collection for the online retailer But high-fashion wasn't the only thing on the menu for the evening.

Guests, all decked out in Mouret's designs, enjoyed a catered dinner party in the hotel's dining car section. While the designer held court in the center of the table set for 27, he was flanked by Klum and stylist Rachel Zoe on either side. Before getting down to dinner, guests swilled champagne and cocktails. Then they feasted on a special meal designed just for them.
Plates started with a salad of red oak and bibb lettuce with champagne shallot vinaigrette, as well as prosciutto and mozzarella. For the main course, there was thyme roasted chicken with white wine jus and salmon with a saffron aioli. And for dessert? A classic crème brûlée.
According to an onlooker, Moore was beaming throughout the dinner – and she even let Zoe snap a photo of her with her iPhone, which she then showed off to party guests, cooing about how beautiful everyone looked.

Victoria Becham To Star in Madagascar 3
Animated Box Office Hit To Start Filming Soon

Victoria Becham's dream of making it onto the silver screen looks set to become a reality. She would be starring in Madagascar 3. She is set to appear in the third instalment of the computer-animated film franchise Madagascar.

The movie will follow main character, Alex the Lion (voiced by Ben Stiller) and pals (David Schwimmer, Chris Rock) as they travel through Europe in an attempt to make it home to their zoo in New York. Beckham’s character has yet to be revealed but it’s expected that she’ll be able to bring plenty of her own personality to the role. Madagascar 3 is still in early production stages, and is set to be released in the summer of 2012.

Cutting It Right Like Becham
Designer Victoria Becham

Conventional wisdom dictates that a female celebrity's worst fashion faux pas is to turn up to an event wearing a dress that has been worn by another, thinner celebrity before. Yet a certain designer appears to be changing that rule. Cut the rule as designed by Victoria Beckham. This dress – worn recently by both Beckham herself and singer Katherine Jenkins – has been widely deemed a success for Barrymore by the catty celebrity magazine world despite its familiarity.

It is seen as yet more proof that Beckham, after just three collections, has reinvented herself as a real fashion player. If anything, she acts as an improbably successful advert. Stella McCartney, Brooke Shields and Dannii Minogue have been photographed wearing the distinctive Beckham dresses recently. Elle Macpherson loves hers so much she was pictured wearing them three days in a row. Beckham, who has happily conceded that she "can't draw" but "knows clothes" has been canny in her choice of fashion influences.
"I don't want to make dresses that will date. I've always been about clever buying," Beckham said when she launched her label last year.

Janet Jackson Set Interview With ABC's Robin Roberts
First Interview Since Brother's Death

In her first TV interview since the death of her brother, Janet Jackson will sit down and open up with ABC’s Robin Roberts in a new interview, set to air on November 18.Janet, who recently shared her memories of her late brother, Michael Jackson, to Harper’s Bazaar, will sit down with the TV journalist for “In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts: Janet Jackson.”

According to ABC, Janet is allowing cameras into her Malibu, Calif., home for the first time ever.Variety, which first reported the news, wrote that Janet is expected to talk about the loss of Michael, who died on June 25 as a result of acute Propofol intoxication. The interview will air on November 18 at 10 PM on ABC

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