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Top Blood Pressure Cities in the US
What They Call The Silent Killer

10 American cities where residents struggle with hypertension the most:

1. Greensboro, North.Carolina.;

2. New Orleans, Louisiana;

3. Memphis, Tennesse.;

4. Greenville, South.Carolina.;

5. Louisville, Kentucky.;

6. St. Louis; Mo

7. Las Vegas; Nevada

8. Virginia Beach, Va.;

9. Buffalo, N.Y.;

10. Oklahoma City, Okla.

“Hypertension is called the silent killer for a good reason — it doesn’t have any symptoms,” says Keith Roach, MD, chief medical officer for Sharecare and co-creator of the RealAge Test. “If you don’t know what your blood pressure is, you’ve got to get it checked – and if it’s consistently over 140, it’s time to see your healthcare provider.”

Health Care Careers Most in Demand
Look Carefully Before You commit Your Life

The career profiles in Order of demands and availability of jobs.

•1 – Medical Assistant. ...
•2 – Nursing Assistant. ...
•3 – Home Health Aide. ...
•4 – Licensed Practical Nurse. ...
•5 – Physician. ...
•6 – Therapist. ...
•7 – Registered Nurse. ...
•8 – Pharmacy Technician.

Sample of Median income for some fields
•Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners. ..$110,000.
•Optometrists. Median salary: $100,000. ...
•Physician Assistants. Median salary: $95,000. ...
•Physical Therapists. Median salary: $82,000. ...
•Radiation Therapists. Median salary: $80,000. ...
•Occupational Therapists. Median salary: $78,000.
. Medical Assistants - $28,000

Americans Are Uniquely Screwed
When Buying Prescription Drugs

Americans are uniquely screwed when buying medication. Medicine in the U.S. costs much more than in any other comparable countries, due largely to the U.S.' dysfunctional health care system.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, people in the U.S. spend more per capita on medicine than any other surveyed OECD country by large margins, at around $1,000 a year per person. The next closest country is Canada at roughly $771 per year, and many other wealthy countries spend less than half of what the U.S. does on a per capita basis.

Part of the reason U.S. consumers pay so much for their drugs is a lack of bargaining power. Other countries with universal health care systems negotiate the price of prescription medication with pharmaceutical companies. But in the U.S., only Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs can do so, leaving Medicare out. Instead, Medicare drug prices are negotiated by insurance companies, which have much less leverage to bring down the price of drugs.

The situation is further complicated by a lack of competition in certain drug markets. Twenty-year patent rights for most newly developed drugs ensure many newer treatments remain expensive and unavailable in generic forms.

These factors, along with several others, combine to lead to Americans paying, on average, much more for the same prescription drugs than any other comparable country.

Finding The Best Gastroenterologist
Dan Austin MD

Find Best Gastroenterologists
Are you suffering from any disorder associated with the digestive tract, pancreas and liver? If yes, then Maryland gastroenterology specialists can provide you with quality diagnostic and therapeutic services in both Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology. Start your comeback with the right treatment from our specialists. If your digestive problem leads to something more complex like surgery, you’ll make a comeback with the help of the top gastroenterologists in Maryland and Washington DC.
HealthCare800 Gastroenterology Expertise
HealthCare800 brings to you top gastroenterology specialists in Washington DC and Maryland who have expertise in the treatment of diseases in your oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and liver. The outstanding pool of doctors uses high-edge technology, patient-centric approach to diagnose and manage the variety of conditions of the digestion tract, including:
• Oesophageal / Bile Duct / Gall Bladder Cancer
• Stomach Cancer / Pancreatic Cancer / Gallstones
• Gastritis / Peptic Ulcers / Ulcerative Colitis
How Gastroenterology Specialists Treat?
Utilize cutting-edge technology
• Echoendoscope – Also known as Endoscopic Ultrasound, it is done in order to evaluate lesions located on and around the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.
• Cyberknife VSI – It is a non-invasive treatment for cancerous and non-cancerous tumors and other conditions where radiation therapy is indicated.
• Da Vinci Si 3D Robot – Most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery allows surgeons to perform surgery through few tiny incisions, instead of giving the patient a big cut.
Avail The Below Enlisted Advanced Treatment & Procedures
• Capsule Endoscopy / Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography
• Endoscopic Ultrasound / UGI Endoscopy / Liver Biopsy
• Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy / Necrosectomy Segmental Colectomy
• Ileostomy / Exploratory Laparotomy / Whipple Procedure
Technological evolution in the world of medicine is something that our team of experts is constantly in touch with
• Latest and advanced Endoscopic procedures are used to treat gastrointestinal cancers, gastrointestinal bleed, foreign body removal, etc. Endosonography and Capsule Endoscopy are available too.
• The Gastrointestinal surgeons manage major gastrointestinal surgical problems of the intestines, pancreas and hepatobiliary tract including cancers. Many of them are done using Minimal Access Surgery.
• They also provide comprehensive Liver Transplant program which is done using cutting edge hepatobiliary procedures. Disorders of the pancreas, as well as pancreatic and intestinal transplants, are also performed.
• Search engine for finding doctors or hospitals
• Check ratings/reviews and then schedule the appointment
• Get expert health solutions‎ from anywhere, anytime
• Online certification verification for health specialists
The Holistic Approach To Treat You!!
The top gastroenterologists in Maryland and Washington DC combine traditional and modern methods via research to provide their patients with top-notch medical services at affordable prices.

Finding Health Services Online
Doctors, Dentist, Fitness Centers and Many More

Instant Health Care now available
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Just a click of your mouse and the appointment is done.

Bad Night or Nollywood As Viva Riva Sweeps Africa Movie Awards

Congolese film, ‘Viva Riva’ has beaten features from across the continent to win Best Film at the 2011 Africa Academy Movie Awards, held Monday in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. Nigerian films were left floundering as movies from Congo, South Africa and Ghana won multiple awards in various categories. ‘Viva Riva’ was the top film of the night, winning AMAAs in six categories including: Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Director.

A gritty rollercoaster of a film set in Kinshasa, ‘Viva Riva’ tells the story of a criminal who intercepts a lucrative consignment of fuel during a shortage, and the ruthless Angolan gang hot on his tail. Patsha Bay Mukuna, who played the charismatic Riva, attended the AMAA ceremony, alongside the film’s Best Supporting Actress winner, Marlene Longage. Accepting the Best Film award, producer Boris Vanglis said, “It’s a historic moment for us. This is the first film in Congo-Kinshasa in 20 years in Lingala (language).” He paid tribute to the vision of the director, Djo Tunda Wa Munga, said to be away in Europe promoting the film. ‘Viva Riva’ has wowed audiences at international festivals and is now set for release in Britain and America.

Another big AMAA winner was ‘Sinking Sands’, a Ghanaian film written and directed by Leila Djansi. It got awards in three categories including Best Actress for UK-based actress, Ama K. Abebrese. A story about domestic violence and love gone sour, ‘Sinking Sands’ also stars Haitian-American actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, a Best Actor nominee. Accepting the Best Screenplay award on behalf of Djansi, Jean-Louis urged for more collaboration between African moviemakers, noting that ‘Sinking Sands’, though a Ghanaian film, used actors and crew from several countries including Nigeria, Britain and Germany. A major presence at the ceremony, Jimmy Jean-Louis featured in at least four films nominated for this year’s awards. The African American actor, Nate Parker (‘The Great Debaters’), also attended the awards.

New title
New subtitle

New Body

Nollywood Actors Chart New Course

THIS appears to be the time for brain to prevail over brawn in Nigeria’s film industry (Nollywood). At least, pointers from the biggest hub Nollywood, Lagos hint of the emergence of pacifist tendencies against the hitherto era of punches, swords and hot words.

In recent years, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has been a theatre of all sorts of tension. From a series of internal crisis – leadership tussle, actors fighting one another – to poor financing and heated pre-election politicking. But the newly elected chairman of AGN, Lagos State chapter, Mr. Emeka Rising-Ibeh raises hope that all those issues will soon recede to history.

Elected, last month, Ibeh said he will commit his reign to stopping all the bickering and reconciling all parties. To this effect, he has already hosted a meeting in which all players in the industry met to draw an agenda for moving the guild forward in Lagos. In attendance were the vice chairman AGN South West, Hakeem Rahman and such frontline Nollywood acts as Fred Amata, Keppy Ekpenyong-Bassey, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen among others.

Addressing the media at the event, the tall and muscular actor fondly called Rising, who played a sub lead role in the popular film, Isakaba, said his goal is to unite all vexed factions in the industry. The new AGN, Lagos helmsman, who succeeded, Ernest Asuzu, identified incessant bickering over trivia as the main bane of growth in, not only the actor’s fold, but the entire Nollywood.

Explaining to the media, after, he said: “I want to carry everyone along. That is why I invited them here today so that we can intimate them with our vision and mission and forge a common mission to move AGN forward.”

Held at Dechills Hind Restaurant and Bar, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street Surulere, Lagos last Saturday night the forum ended with members of the industry praising Rising for the initiative, and pledging to work with him to give the guild a new lease of life.

Actress, Adora Ukoh who could not hide her joy on the development expressed her happiness thus: “I am happy with Rising for this initiative by calling on us to talk on how we can move the guild forward. With just few weeks that he is elected he has been able to achieve this.”

The event also presented operators a platform to appraise the current state of Nollywood, highlighting its triumphs and challenges.

Popular film director, Imasuen disclosed that it was the first time of his being officially invited to attend an AGN meeting in his 16-year-operation in Nollywood. “They called me. They sent me an SMS, I deleted it. Then I got a phone call from Rising, and I told him that I will be here. Health wise, I would not have come, I actually collapsed this afternoon while looking for money. If it is the same way that people like Dangote and others went to make money, they would have died, long ago,” he cracked.

Continuing, on a more serious note, Imasuen reasoned that Nollywood’s problem is not necessarily the operators’ ego but the absence of clear institutional foundations and well documented history.

Jonathan Seeks Problem Solving Research From Varsities

PRESIDENT Good luck Jonathan yesterday said that researches embarked upon by universities must henceforth seek to identify and provide solutions to pressing local problems that stand in the way to the nation’s economic development.

According to Jonathan, research in the universities “can no longer be left to be the whims and caprices of researchers just for the sole purpose of advancing their career prospects”.

The president spoke yesterday at 4th convocation of the Michael Okpara Univerity of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State. The president was represented by the minister of state for education, Chief Kenneth Gbagi. “Research in our universities must seek to solve practical problems and thus contribute to human well-being and the pool of the nation’s development efforts.

Beyond relevant, problem-solving research, universities should also be able to install appropriate mechanisms for translating research results into the forms and quantities that are usable by the larger society.

“Any products of the universities in manpower development and research output that fall of these benchmarks will constitute luxury that we cannot afford at this stage of our national development”, Jonathan noted.

He reiterated his administration’s effort aimed at re-engineering the education sector in order to reposition “our primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions”.

“Our educational institutions must also be able to deliver quality manpower consistent with our desire for national economic development”, he further charged the universities.

AMAA Awards Gets International Support
It is Expected to Bring The Crème de la Crème of African Cinema Under One Roof.

Even before the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), Africa’s most celebrated movie awards ceremony hits the continent this year, latest information reveals that giant international film academies are falling for the awards for no less a reason than the feats it has attained over the years.

One of the academies is the European Film Academy (EFA).

The Academy, 'Beatwaves' sources confirmed, has joined the AMAA jury for this year’s event. It has also endorsed AMAA as a credible awards ceremony, hence the decision to be part of it.

Founded in 1988, the European Film Academy unites more than 2,300 European film professionals with the common aim of promoting Europe’s film culture. An AMAA insider said the Academy was impressed by the kind of movies that were awarded at AMAAs every year. Anytime those movies make it into international film festivals, they prove to be very good movies, as they don’t just win other recognitions but rub shoulders with other recognized international movies.

Movies such as ‘From A Whisper’ (Kenya), ‘Run Baby Run’ (Ghana), ‘The Figurine’ (Nigeria), ‘The Tenant’ (Nigeria) are a few of the movies that went through AMAA and caused a stir at international film festivals including the Rotterdam Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and more.

That, for the Academy, was enough evidence that the awards ceremony did not just honour any kind of movie.

It has to a large extent got credibility, hence the EFA’s interest.

Last year’s AMAA was described by the BBC as Africa’s Oscar. It is not clear where this year’s event will take place but as usual, it is expected to bring the crème de la crème of African cinema under one roof. “The stakes are high this year,” the source said.

The award’s jury, which is made up of selected high movie intellectuals across Africa, is working without any interference from the organizers of the event. The jury has received over 300 entries from various African countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and more. Ghana’s fate currently lies in 30 movies.

Different screening processes were held to select the best movies in different countries. A third stage screening process by the jury, 'Beatwaves' was told, is currently ongoing at secret a location in Ghana to further select the very best movies. After this, the final selection will be done in Europe.

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