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Featured Article
Defiance; The Book

Here's some current event news to help you find a possible newspeg to feature this newly released intriguing book. Today comes news of an assassination of a top Russian banking official ( In Alex Konanykhin's true-tale book - - he shows that in his real-life situation as well, the Russian Mafia tried to assassinate him as a Russian banker -- even though he was in the USA at the time. This mirrors closely his situations detailed in the book and that timely newspeg may warrant your looking into this as a possible angle to feature the book.
Below is a release detailing a true story of international intrigue and survival that sounds like it came straight from a Hollywood spy movie -- but it is all a true story chronicled in the book "Defiance -- How to Succeed in Business While Being Targeted by the FBI, the KGB, the Department of Homeland Security, the INS and the Mafia Hit Men."
Kidnapped Businessman Exposes International Government Corruption In New Tell-All Book.
"Defiance" - How A Targeted Entrepreneur Stood Up To Gangsters & Governments.

(NEW YORK, N.Y.) -- Alex Konanykhin was a wanted man. The Russian mafia took out a contract on his life. The KGB, the FBI, the U.S. Justice Department, and the Department of Homeland Security were also on his trail. With paid assassins and two governments in hot pursuit, Konanykhin was running out of time and places to hide.
What happened to Konanykhin, once one of Russia's wealthiest entrepreneurs, who by his mid-20's amassed a $300 million empire and bankrolled Boris Yeltsin's rise to power, is, as one U.S. judge noted, "a tale worthy of a spy novel."
It is a true-life story so riveting, only Konanykhin himself can tell it.
................For complete story see Transatlantic Times next edition.

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