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Item Town Point of Sale
1. Warszawa EMPIK "Arkadia" Shopping Center
2. Warszawa EMPIK "Galeria Mokotów" Shopping Center
3. Warszawa EMPIK "Megastore Nowy Swiat"
4. Warszawa EMPIK  "Sciana Wschodnia"
5. Gdansk EMPIK  "Megastore"
6. Katowice EMPIK  "Centrum" Shopping Center
7. Katowice EMPIK  "TRIGRANIT" Shopping Center
8. Krakow EMPIK  "Megastore"
9. Lodz EMPIK  "Galeria" Shopping Center
10. Poznan EMPIK  "Megastore"
11. Szczecin EMPIK  "Ster" Shopping Center
12. Wroclaw EMPIK  "Megastore"
13. Warszawa G.L.M Service - Warsaw Airport Departure Level - duty free zone
14. Katowice HDS "Relay" - Railway Station
15. Katowice HDS "Relay" - Pyrzowice Airport
16. Krakow HDS "Relay" - Balice Airport
17. Poznan HDS "Relay" - Lawica Airport
18. Warszawa HDS  "Galeria Mokotow" Shopping Center
19. Warszawa HDS  "KLIF" Shopping Center
20. Warszawa HDS  "Reduta" Shopping Center
21. Warszawa HDS  "Relay" - Central Railway Station
22. Warszawa HDS  "Metropolitan" Office Building
23. Warszawa HDS  "ARKADIA" Shopping Center
24. Warszawa HDS  "Relay" Central Railway Station 'Garnizonowy'
26. Warszawa HDS   Okecie Airport - Bookstore "Chopin"
27. Warszawa HDS  "Relay" Okecie Airport - Arrivals level
28. Warszawa HDS "Relay" Okecie Airport Press Salon - duty free zone
29. Warszawa HDS  "Relay" Okecie Airport Terminal" ETIUDA"
30. Wroclaw HDS  "Relay"  Wroclaw Airport
31. Warszawa Hotel  "Bristol"
32. Warszawa American Bookstore
33. Warszawa American Bookstore "ARKADIA" Shopping Center
34. Warszawa American Bookstore "GALERIA MOKOTOW" Shopping Center

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